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pinpoint one human resources provides effective executive search and executive recruitment services in the areas of C-suite, specialist and critical skills and Human Resource solutions across industries and professional disciplines, nationally in the Republic of South Africa and across Africa with the capability of servicing National, Pan-African and Multi-National Corporates.
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Here's my birthday wish to all of you - make it count!
It's our birthday this month. We were formed 24 years ago on a wave of optimism and the promise that we would make a difference. 1999 is a long way back, it's a long time ago. We were literally on top of the world then; Nelson Mandela had just stepped down after an incredible single term in office, South Africans had conquered Everest. That's when we opened our doors. 18 May 2023 Read more

Learn to tame the tiger (and the staffer) in the disciplinary process
Disciplinary hearings are often among the hardest jobs any manager can face. They are cloaked in legalese, very formulaic in procedure and yet invariably very personal. Some managers try to shy away from ever getting involved, but this can have disastrous consequences, far worse than facing up to the petulant anger of the (guilty) employee, many of whom will deliberately get personal in a hearing to deflect attention and disrupt the proceedings. 28 Apr 2023 Read more

It's time for women leaders to hold the ladder for others, not let it go
I had the privilege of attending a women in leadership function in Pretoria earlier this month and I was struck by two very different perceptions of women leadership, especially in the c-suite. What made these perceptions even more profound, is that I knew that they are both true. 23 Mar 2023 Read more

No business in the bedroom, but don't be mum in the boardroom
How honest are we really? It's not a trick question, but perhaps the most profound one all of us will have to answer this year - and every year - because if we are really honest with ourselves, we aren't that honest with others. 20 Feb 2023 Read more

Make this year, your year
Welcome back! Happy New Year! You are all refreshed and energised, you're raring to go. That's brilliant because your staff need to feel that energy, they need to draw from it. They need to hear your vision for the year, understand your purpose, so that the entire team can start the new year of opportunities on the right note. 24 Jan 2023 Read more

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