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What's your flavour? Hotel group versus boutique experience

As the tourism and hospitality industry eases back into business and looks to recover to pre-Covid levels, travellers are now booking those well-deserved and longed for holidays and weekends away. Competition remains rife within the industry, with refined boutique hotels entering the market, offering a new, sought-after experience.
What's your flavour? Hotel group versus boutique experience

Chain vs boutique hotels

While chain and boutique hotels offer many of the same amenities, the biggest difference is the intimacy each provides.

Chain or hotel groups usually accommodate larger numbers - typically over 100 rooms. With this many people to service, staff aren’t expected to remember your name but your room number instead. But one thing you can expect from chain hotels is consistency. You can expect to find the same features that match with the brand's image, no matter where in the country or the world you are..

Boutique hotels on the contrary offer a home away from home experience that many frequent travellers crave, especially in a pandemic environment.

“Located in trendy neighbourhoods, boasting modern design and individualised rooms, boutique hotels offer a smaller, upscale accommodation option, a distinct personality, intimate experience and personalised service,” says Gabrielle Marnewick of General Manager of Home Suite Hotels.

While not entirely new, Home Suite Hotels is a ‘new kid on the block’ - with two properties in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg, suited for the discerning business and leisure traveller.

The easing of lockdown restrictions means more people are travelling - especially business travellers who spend a considerable amount of time on the road, and a different breed of hotel stay - the long term stay.

What's your flavour? Hotel group versus boutique experience

Home away from home experience

While travelling can be fun, missing your home comforts can be expected - especially on long trips away. “We understand this and this is why we have focused on offering that homely feeling to all our guests. From the welcome at the door by our resident pup Hazel at Home Suites Rosebank, to our honesty bar - we want to take away the anxiety of travelling and make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Our honesty bar works pretty much like your fridge at home, our guests can help themselves day or night, and write an honest note to be paid later, something that’s worlds apart from traditional hotels,” adds Marnewick.

What's your flavour? Hotel group versus boutique experience

Long-term guests

One of Home Suite Hotels' more unique offerings are their long-term stays. Since the hotel offers suites, many guests stay for longer periods - months or in rare cases, a year or more. This offers the perfect home away from home experience for the likes of an overseas traveller on a longer work trip, or an easy solution for those who are renovating a home. And if anything changes and you choose to cancel you can rest easy because any changes or cancellations up to 24 hours prior to arrival are free.

Boutique offers the home away from home, personalised experience that many of today’s travellers are looking for. If home comforts are a must for you, then be sure you try out Home Suites on your next trip to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Home Suite Hotels currently has three properties, one in Rosebank Johannesburg, Die Waterkant and Sea Point in Cape Town. Perfectly suited for the business or leisure traveller, Home Suite Hotels provides an array of amenities which will make your stay fun, stress-free and unforgettable. For more on Home Suite Hotels visit

28 Jun 2022 16:51