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Epic Lion and building brands with heart

We open at a pivot point for humanity and the globe. Values and worldviews are radically changing, and today's brands need to fundamentally adapt to survive and thrive. Enter Epic Lion - the brand and digital design agency that is succeeding in this exciting new era.
Epic Lion step-changes the way brands express themselves by designing for meaning, cutting through the clutter, and creating genuine connection with modern audiences. Founded by bold, brave, big-picture thinkers and located in design hotspots Johannesburg, Cape Town, Dubai and London; the new agency brings a unique understanding of what it takes to infuse heart into the brands of tomorrow.

Forbes reports consumers are 4x more drawn to brands with a strong, identifiable purpose or what Epic Lion calls “brand heart”.

For brands to have heart, they must first have substance. A brand is far more than its logo, packaging or social media posts... to move modern audiences, brands must stand for something, believe in something, make a meaningful impact. The dynamic and internationally awarded team at Epic Lion makes sure brands achieve this by designing for purpose, vision and direction.

As strategic designers, they are savvy at asking the right questions to get to the crux of what needs to be solved. Working closely with brand teams to identify real goals, develop a compelling culture, define guiding principles, and align all aspects of a brand towards purpose.

Epic Lion forms the dedicated branding and digital division of Just & Co, a collective of specialist companies including top packaging design agency, Just Design. Working independently or as a group, each contributes their specific area of expertise to deliver a 360-degree solution for a host of blue-chip clients across the globe.

Epic Lion is the force behind human-centred brands that shine in a digital world.

The proof is in the work. Epic Lion has produced a varied and impactful portfolio, with years of diverse experience across industries from airlines to hospitality, agri to tech, fashion to finance, consumables to conservation, and a track record of bringing brands to life with passion and personality. They have pitched and won new accounts across Africa and the Middle East, attained multiple awards and, most recently, snapped up two golds in the eminent Transform Awards.

Meet the agency that offers an authentic approach to branding that clients and audiences love. Creative by nature, independent always, strategic to the core.

Epic Lion and building brands with heart

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Samantha Erasmus
Managing director
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19 Jul 2021 09:08