Starting up a business in a struggling economyThe latest release by Statistics South Africa of unemployment rates makes sobering reading - the youth officially account for 59.5% of the total number of unemployed persons. Progress in improving access to education and entrepreneurship will undoubtedly lead to economic growth and an all-important increase in jobs created that will reduce the extremely high rate of youth unemployment. 28 Sep 2021 Read more >>

Engineering gender equityThe United Nation Commission on the status of women made an astounding claim in 2014 that sub-Saharan Africa needed 2,5 million engineers and technicians just to improve access to clean water and sanitiation. In 2013, the Engineering Council of South Africa said only 11% of the engineers registered with the council were women and only 4% were professional women engineers. Furthermore, the council has estimated that, while growing numbers of women enrol for engineering at university, 70% of women with engineering degrees leave their jobs soon after starting, a rate far higher than that of men. 30 Aug 2021 Read more >>

Small businesses make a big differenceThe economic disruption and lockdown restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic have delivered devastating blows to South Africa's already ailing economy. Millions of jobs have already been lost and bankruptcies and closures of businesses continue unabated despite government interventions. 14 Jul 2021 Read more >>

Sometimes the right choice is pretty obviousThere's no denying that Covid-19 has rocked the economy. Companies that were around since before we were born have closed, the national airline has been grounded, and the transport industry was literally brought to a standstill when workers were told to stay at home. The global economy has slowed, reducing exports, forcing prices lower and drying up demand. Sales in many industries are lower as people try to save more and spend less. 22 Jun 2021 Read more >>

False Bay TVET College rolls out Peer-to-Peer Educators Programme with great successAdolescents and young adults globally seem to prefer electronic communication with peers to verbal, real-time, in-person interaction. The youth seem to be constantly communicating, thumbs flying through texts to multiple friends on their ubiquitous smartphones. 18 Jun 2021 Read more >>

Aphiwe wins one for WestlakeWestlake Campus CBMT lecturer, Mr Aphiwe Adonisi, and other False Bay TVET College lecturers participated in the four-month-long Project-Based Teaching and Learning Programme for artisan trades. The programme is supported by the Department of Higher Education & Training, GIZ and Skills Development for the Green Economy (SD4GE) II. 17 Jun 2021 Read more >>

Mayor Plato announces site transfer for flagship Mitchells Plain TVET collegeThe transfer of the 6,796 hectare erf was completed on 23 February 2021, and registered to False Bay TVET College. It is anticipated that more than 5,000 students from Mitchells Plain, Strandfontein, Khayelitsha, Philippi, Mandalay, Grassy Park, Pelican Park and other communities will benefit directly from the development. The new educational facility would serve surrounding communities on the Cape Flats, which is home to approximately 1,5 million residents. 25 May 2021 Read more >>

Growing a sustainable response to food insecurityThe Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact, destabilising the economy and putting pressure on already fragile livelihoods and communities. Restrictions on trade have led to reduced imports and price hikes impacting both industry and consumers. Businesses have suffered further through loss of trade caused by the restrictions on movement and limits on gatherings. Rising costs and declining revenue have forced many businesses to close or scale down, leading to job losses and declining household incomes. Unsurprisingly, the fourth quarter of 2020 saw a steep increase in the unemployment rate, with the youth being the most affected. 24 May 2021 Read more >>

False Bay TVET College; ensuring a pipeline of new facilitators for the green sectorFalse Bay TVET College is aware that the world and especially Africa is feeling the negative consequences of climate change. This disastrous impact will continue to increase and intensify over the coming years. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) report on climate change states that in Africa alone, 220 million people are living in drought each year. 29 Jan 2021 Read more >>

Hospitality on showIn 2019, the False Bay TVET College Muizenberg Campus, known for its exceptional hospitality and catering graduates, was approached by the Afternoon Express show to not only host the competition qualifying heats but to include a selection of N6 hospitality students to partake in the SABC 3 Taste Master competition. 28 Jan 2021 Read more >>

Animation - a Covid-resistant industryWith the easing of lockdown regulations, the False Bay TVET College, 2D animation programme was able to host two, one day stop-frame animation workshops. The workshop was facilitated by animation artist Thulani Yose-Simantov through the auspices of the Triggerfish Foundation, which is the educational platform for the Bergvliet-based animation company Triggerfish. False Bay TVET College has recognised the need for transforming access to studying animation skills and in response has been running a fully funded one-year certificate in 2D animation funded by the MICT Seta and various other funding partners. 27 Jan 2021 Read more >>

Shane Chanderpaul Phillips, the travelling chef and foodieTenacious and hardworking, people gravitate towards Shane Chanderpaul Phillips for his humbling and optimistic disposition. The eldest of six siblings, Phillips's passion for the food and hospitality industry rooted from his mother's many years of experience in the hospitality industry. 2 Sep 2020 Read more >>

Animation - a Covid-resistant industryWith the easing of lockdown regulations, the False Bay TVET College, 2D Animation programme was able to host two one-day stop-frame animation workshops. The workshop was facilitated by animation artist Thulani Yose-Simantov through the auspices of the Triggerfish Foundation, which is the educational platform for the Bergvliet-based animation company Triggerfish. 28 Aug 2020 Read more >>

Future ready - state-of-the-art video conference facilityFalse Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus, Centre for Specialisation for Mechanical Fitting is one of the first recipients of a state-of-the-art video conferencing facility, alongside Tshwane South TVET College, Pretoria West Campus, Centre of Specialisation for Mechanical Fitting. 12 Aug 2020 Read more >>

New campus for Mitchell's Plain - A long-held dream realisedIn April 2019, a 15-year struggle and dream of the college to build a fully-fledged campus in Mitchells Plain was fulfilled when former Minister of Higher Education, Minister Pandor announced a significant funding investment for the establishment of a new False Bay TVET College campus that will serve Mitchells Plain, Strandfontein and surrounding communities. 31 Jul 2020 Read more >>

False Bay TVET College celebrates the new college principalFalse Bay TVET College celebrates the appointment of Karin Hendricks as Principal of False Bay TVET College. Serving as Acting Principal since 2018, she takes the helm at a complex and challenging time in the history of public Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges. 17 Jul 2020 Read more >>

High-school learners are edutained at college Open DayAs the busses pulled up and the school learners bounced out at all five college campuses, it was evident that this Open Day would top those previously hosted by the college. 27 Sep 2019 Read more >>

Western and Northern Cape Regions hosts first two of three Career Festivals as part of TVET monthThe Western Cape region recruited potential employers, 1,000 exit-level students from five Western Cape TVET Colleges and 900 school learners from the communities that the TVET Colleges serve. As part of a collaborative effort, Boland, College of Cape Town, False Bay, Northlink and West Coast Colleges invited TVET exit-level students and high school learners to experience the World of Work initiative. The participants had the opportunity to engage with key sector displays, Try-a-Skill activities and participated in career guidance sessions offered by SETAs. 25 Sep 2019 Read more >>

Inspiring productivity in South AfricaFalse Bay TVET College, Centre for Entrepreneurship/Rapid Incubator (CFE/RI) is the proud recipient of the Productivity SA Western Cape Regional Award in the Public Sector category. 25 Sep 2019 Read more >>

Join us for the premium TVET Conference on the 2019 academic calendar11-13 September 2019 at the Tsogo Sun, Cape Sun Conference Centre. 2 Sep 2019 Read more >>

A revolution, one weld at a timeA gender revolution has begun in what were exclusively male industries, led by a still-tiny vanguard of women artisans produced by South Africa's TVET College system. 1 Aug 2019 Read more >>

Embracing the principles of MOTFalse Bay TVET College is an active participant in the MOT Programme. This is a programme that originated in Norway and aims to give students certain tools to help them develop into strong and resilient members of society. Students undergo MOT sessions where valuable life skills are shared with the students. The vision of MOT is to create a warmer and safer society. False Bay College has run the MOT programme across all campuses to give students the extra skills to manage themselves and their interactions with other. The values of the MOT programme are Courage to LIVE, Courage to CARE and Courage to say NO. 30 Jul 2019 Read more >>

Youth Entrepreneurship Expo: Hatchery to incubatorIn January 2019 the then Minister of Higher Education, Minister Naledi Pandor, indicated that the Department of Higher Education and Training will support President Cyril Ramaphosa's bold plan to create 257,000 jobs per annum by promoting entrepreneurship in the post-school sector. 30 Jul 2019 Read more >>

Youth dialogueFalse Bay TVET College, Khayelitsha Campus together with the Department of Small Business Development hosted a youth dialogue with college students and young entrepreneurs from the Centre for Entrepreneurship/ Rapid Incubator. Addressing the challenges facing start-ups and existing youth owned enterprises. 26 Jul 2019 Read more >>

Programme specialisation in the United States of AmericaThousands of applications were received, seven were selected from Africa, including Simnikiwe Ngcawa, the only TVET College representative to participate in the Community College Initiative Programme 2019-2020. 25 Jul 2019 Read more >>

A date with your child's futureFalse Bay TVET College will be hosting its annual Open Day on 16 and 17 August 2019. 28 Jun 2019 Read more >>

An affirmation of college achievementsFalse Bay TVET College hosted its annual Top Achievers Awards and Diploma Ceremony to acknowledge students who excelled in their respective programmes and to celebrate those who had graduated with a National N Diploma. The event was hosted at the College Khayelitsha Campus on 18 May 2019. 28 May 2019 Read more >>

Minister's Opening Ceremony comments reiterate value of CoS for allHigher Education and Training Minister Dr Naledi Pandor opened the Centres of Specialisation (CoS) in the Western Cape at the False Bay TVET College Khayelitsha Campus. 9 May 2019 Read more >>

College rises and shines at Cape Town CarnivalAfter months of handwork and precision coordination, 45 students and support staff of False Bay TVET College danced their way down the Green Point Fan-walk at the 10th Cape Town Carnival, 16 March 2019. 30 Apr 2019 Read more >>

New TVET college campus coming to Mitchell's PlainFalse Bay TVET College has received confirmation of the approval of its long-cherished project to establish a college campus in Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town. Minister Naledi Pandor has announced that the world-class facility, to be built at a cost of R386 million, will serve Mitchell's Plain, Strandfontein and the surrounding communities. 9 Apr 2019 Read more >>

College welcomes recognition at 2019 National Skills ConferenceThe bi-annual National Skills Conference and Development Awards took place on 14 and 15 March at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg, Gauteng. 3 Apr 2019 Read more >>

The Cape Town International Animation Festival: Springboard for success!The 8th Cape Town International Animation Festival, proudly presented by Animation SA, took place from 8-10 March 2019 at the River Club in Observatory, Cape Town. 2 Apr 2019 Read more >>

False Bay College shines at the National WorldSkills CompetitionAfter an intense three days of competition at the Durban ICC for the National WorldSkills Competition, 23 of 65 medals over 19 categories were won by the WorldSkills Western Cape Team. 7 Mar 2019 Read more >>

Nurturing local animators for a global marketWhile the South African animation sector is still in its infancy stages, it has potential to grow exponentially, pending consistent work commitment from international studios. 21 Feb 2019 Read more >>

Colleges collaborate to bridge the education gapOn Wednesday, 5 December 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Western Cape Community Education and Training College (WCCETC) and False Bay TVET College. This represents an unprecedented partnership agreement and an ongoing commitment to make education and training more accessible in the communities who need it most. 21 Feb 2019 Read more >>

Accelerated Reader Intervention ProgrammeIlliteracy is one of the major challenges that African countries grapple with and South Africa is no exception. In 2016 South Africa was ranked last in the International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls) survey. The study found that 78% of South African pupils at Grade 4 could not read for meaning. That percentage is high and increases the chances significantly that the number of learners progressing to the next grades without mastering literacy skills is increasingly likely. The report also notes that there has been NO significant progress in improving learners reading skills since the last survey conducted five years ago in 2011. Reading is recognised as the foundation of all learning. Louden et al. (2000) argues that 80% of all learning difficulties can be ascribed to poor reading skills. This is exacerbated by a new world order that is characterised by the abundance, proliferation and readily available information through computer networks. Information has become ubiquitous and can be obtained at any time and in any location making the ability to make sense of this available information increasingly critical. 5 Nov 2018 Read more >>

Parent Seminar - Empowering parents to give better career adviceTechnical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a first choice. 6 Aug 2018 Read more >>

Entrepreneurship Expo entices youth to businessBusiness ideas were exchanged, networks were struck and entrepreneurship was sparked when False Bay (TVET) College, Centre of Entrepreneurship\Rapid Incubator (CfE\RI) hosted a Youth Entrepreneurship Expo on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. 4 Jul 2018 Read more >>

South African graduates depart for year-long internshipFalse Bay TVET College friends and family bid farewell to eight students who departed on a year-long exchange programme in collaboration with the Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Centre and MerSETA. 26 Jun 2018 Read more >>

Highest graduate numbers revealedFalse Bay TVET College hosted its annual Awards and Diploma Ceremony to acknowledge students who excel in their respective programmes and celebrate those who have graduated. This year the event was hosted in College's Khayelitsha Campus, Main Hall. 30 May 2018 Read more >>

Partnership invitation: Centres of Specialisation ProgrammeFalse Bay TVET College is proud to announce that it has been appointed by the Department of Higher Education & Training as the Centre of Specialisation for the rigger and mechanical fitter trades. As the premier training institution for riggers and mechanical fitters in South Africa, we'd like to invite you as an industry leader to join us in this exciting venture. 8 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Good partnerships equals good businessThe White Paper (DHET, 2014e) recognises the importance of partnerships between educational institutions and employers and the use of resources of both the private and public sector drivers in deepening and transforming the entire post-schooling system. The White Paper allows the DHET to contribute more effectively to the goal of inclusive economic growth and development, and to contribute fundamentally in reducing unemployment and poverty in line with the National Development Plan (NDP), the New Growth Path (NGP), Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) and the Human Development Strategy for South Africa (DHET, 2014e). TVET COLLEGES TECHNICAL TASK TEAM FINAL REPORT 2014 8 Nov 2017 Read more >>

Elected Centres of SpecialisationFalse Bay TVET College has been awarded the titles of Centres of Specialisation in Rigging and Mechanical Fitting by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). This was announced at an Awards Dinner hosted by the former Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande. These titles acknowledge the college as one of the higher education institutions which delivers quality education and training and further recognises its ability to deliver much-needed specialised industry training. 10 Oct 2017 Read more >>

Launch of the Blikkiesdorp projectOn Thursday, 28 September 2017, the City of Cape Town, Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) and False Bay TVET College were delighted to launch a multi-million rand skills development programme for 91 residents from Blikkiesdorp who will receive construction industry training at False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus. 2 Oct 2017 Read more >>

Deputy President Ramaphosa to host Youth Development and Career Expo in Khayelitsha, Western Cape - 26 August 2017Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will on Saturday, 26 August 2017, lead a Youth Development and Career Expo in the Western Cape. 23 Aug 2017 Read more >>

Invitation to parent seminarDate: 19 August 2017
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am
 10 Aug 2017

Study tour to Malaysia reveals interesting developments in open distance learningI undertook a study tour to observe current open distance learning (ODL) practices in Malaysia, a country on par with South Africa in terms of many economic and developmental indices. 1 Jun 2017 Read more >>

Mentors to support CfE beneficiariesThe Rapid Incubators and Centre for Entrepreneurship (RI & CfE) based at False Bay TVET College has introduced an innovation-driven entrepreneurship programme based on the GrowthWheel methodology. 31 May 2017 Read more >>

False Bay TVET College celebrates staff academic excellenceThe False Bay TVET College Education and Training Department acknowledged the academic staff for the college's incredible achievements in the 2016 Department of Higher Education (DHET) External Examinations. 31 May 2017 Read more >>

Community Stakeholders BreakfastFalse Bay TVET College hosted a Community Stakeholders Breakfast in the conference centre at the central office in Muizenberg. 31 May 2017 Read more >>

The WIL to workIn 2014, South Africa had the third-highest unemployment rate in the world for people between the ages of 15 to 24, behind Spain and Greece. – World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risk 2014 report. 23 Feb 2017 Read more >>

Seda launches False Bay Rapid Incubation/Centre for EntrepreneurshipThe Small Enterprise Development Agency launched a Rapid Incubator and Centre for Entrepreneurship (CFE) at False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus, in Cape Town on 23 November 2016. 28 Nov 2016 Read more >>

R55k kickstartThe Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) Poster and Pitch Competition winners were awarded a collective cash prize of R55,000. This money will help winner's kickstart their viable business ideas. Entrants were False Bay TVET College students and graduates, who prepared a poster demonstrating a new business idea. Thereafter, one on one consultation took place to sharpen the business ideas for adjudication day. 14 Sep 2016 Read more >>

School shoes for students of Injonga PrimaryInspired by the Mandela legacy, Ms Mandisa Njozela, the Student Support and Development Officer, and the SRC of False Bay TVET College for the Khayelitsha campus, as part of their SRC Project, is committing to keeping the legacy alive by campaigning for school shoes. 1 Aug 2016 Read more >>

Successful collaborationAccess Trust and False Bay TVET College celebrate a successful collaboration at the TVET GAP graduation ceremony hosted on 27 July 2016, at False Bay TVET College Khayelitsha Campus. 29 Jul 2016 Read more >>

Helping your child find the right career"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This may be the question adults most enjoy asking little children, since the answer is always cute. But when parents need the answer from a teenage child about to leave school, it's possibly the most important question they will ever ask, and the last thing they need is a cute answer. 27 Jul 2016 Read more >>

USA welcomes False Bay TVET College students for an academic yearThe False Bay TVET College community will bid farewell to two very deserving students participating in the 2016-2017 Community College Initiative (CCI) Programme. Educare N6 Students, Thabisa Gajana (29) a resident of Khayelitsha and Nadia Boonzaaier (26) from Mitchells Plain will depart for Arizona and Pennsylvania to participate in this vocational exchange study program for one academic year starting this year July, at a community college in the United States. 28 Jun 2016 Read more >>

Khayelitsha entrepreneur to attend HarvardEntrepreneur Luvuyo Rani, owner of Silulo Ulutho Technologies in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, has been chosen as one of twelve 2016 Social Entrepreneurship winners by the Schwarb Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. 5 May 2016 Read more >>

Distance learning options for the artisan tradeDue to the increased accessibility to the internet and bandwidth speeds, an emerging trend in distance learning opportunities is on the rise. This option is especially attractive to individuals who are employed full time, have demanding family priorities and are geographically limited, says Marian Theron, Programme Manager of Distance Learning at False Bay TVET College. In South Africa the White Paper on Further Education and Training highlights distance learning as an additional mode of delivery to increase access to learners. The high demand for higher education also adds pressure on the existing infrastructure which is insufficient to meet the demand for further education. 29 Jan 2016 Read more >>

Why you should consider studying at collegeMessage from the Principal/CEO:
Unemployment in the Western Cape
• Is estimated at 17.2%.
• 80% of the unemployed are youth.
Don't be another statistic.
 19 Jan 2016

BID notice: Design/advertising agency required for False Bay TVET CollegeFalse Bay TVET College is to appoint a marketing/advertising agency which will provide as when required, advertising, graphic design, branding and copywriting services to False Bay TVET College, wherein the quality of service and economy of price to the college, are the primary considerations. 3 Jul 2015 Read more >>

False Bay TVET College students honoured at Provincial AwardsThe Provincial TVET Awards took place on 27 May 2015 in Stellenbosch. Students from all five TVET Colleges in the Western Cape were recognised for their achievements in the 2014 National Examinations. 1 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Blown away by booksBetween 18 and 21 March 2015 False Bay College (FBC) in collaboration with the Fish Hoek, Masiphumelele, Simons Town and Ocean View libraries held the first of its kind South Peninsula Book Festival. 18 May 2015 Read more >>

Consider your life's careerChoosing a career to carry you forward through life is a step-by-step process. It takes time to unearth a chosen educational route or training path that will align with your interests, skills and abilities. It is therefore really important to take the time and make the effort to do this. 15 May 2015 Read more >>

Volunteering for the Two Oceans MarathonThe sense of excitement one gets from being a False Bay TVET College (FBC) volunteer for the annual Two Ocean's Marathon event is akin to the joy of receiving an unexpected gift. 14 May 2015 Read more >>

We read to expand our life horizons'When you sell a man a book you don't sell him just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life.' 13 May 2015 Read more >>

Not letting limitations limit learningThe story of Nicholas Stevens
False Bay TVET College Spokesperson with Nicholas Stevens
 12 May 2015

False Bay TVET College partners with Tommaso Silla Autobody WorksOn 10 April, False Bay TVET College (FBC) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Tommaso Silla Autobody Works Pty Limited, an Italian-based company specialising in the automotive sector since 1947. 11 May 2015 Read more >>

Woolworths offers lecturers from TVET colleges and University of Technology an 'insider view'Higher Education to benefit from Woolworths high impact skills development initiative 2 Apr 2015 Read more >>

Minister Lindiwe Zulu to launch Centre for Entrepreneurship in Cape TownMembers of the media are invited to the launch of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) that will be hosted by the Department of Small Business Development and False Bay TVET College. 25 Feb 2015 Read more >>

False Bay College receives National Disability Award and PrizeAt an official handover ceremony held on Monday 16 February 2015 at its Muizenberg campus, False Bay College received the National Disability Award Prize for its contribution to inclusivity and access for students with disabilities. 20 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Ready to become the Michaelangelo of animation?If you are an astute observer of life with a curiosity about the world and great drawing skills to match, a career in animation could be for you. 17 Feb 2015 Read more >>

De La Rey Community AwardsDonor Awards Nomination Criteria: This trophy is awarded to an organisation or group, through its own initiative, that actively recruits and educates the community about the importance of blood donation. (This category includes the media, educational institutions and community groups). It runs from October 2013 - July 2014. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Unisa partnership sealedFalse Bay College was one of 12 TVET colleges who signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of South Africa (Unisa) on 28 November 2014, heralding an important development for post-school education and training in South Africa. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Steve Reid: Manager of the newly established Centre for EntrepreneurshipSteve Reid joins the newly established Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) at False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus. He grew up in Cape Town and has lived in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Inclusive education receives top honoursOn 2 December 2014 False Bay TVET College was honoured by the Deputy Minister of Social Development at the INSETA National Disability Awards ceremony held at the Cape Sun in Cape Town. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Award for Excellence in Financial ManagementFalse Bay College received a National Award for Excellence in Financial Management at the gala dinner of the DHET Conference which took place at the Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Gauteng, on 18 November 2014. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

EWSETA launches first regional officeEWSETA unveiled its first regional office, housed at False Bay College, Westlake Campus, on 20 November 2014 at a launch held at the campus. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Establishment of a Centre for EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth in South Africa. Small businesses create jobs at a faster rate than large corporations, and thus contribute to the economic health of provinces. Very few will dispute the fact that there is a growing need for entrepreneurship education in the college sector in South Africa. 3 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Khayelitsha Skills Development SummitThe Khayelitsha Development Forum (KDF) in partnership with the Khayelitsha Community Trust (KCT), False Bay College and Ithalomso Projects co-hosted the Khayelitsha Skills Development Summit (KSDS) on 3-4 October 2014 at False Bay College's Khayelitsha campus. 5 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Design spaces and curriculum for 21st century usersMarian Theron (Conference Coordinator) 28 May 2014 Read more >>

International FET college collaboration for cutting-edge learningFalse Bay College and the College of Cape Town, in collaboration with Haugaland Skole in Norway, will be hosting the second North South VCET ICT Conference at Spier Estate in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, from 9-11 October 2013. 17 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Workplace-based experience - The way to goThis country has a shortage of skilled people in the field of Information Technology and Business Studies. False Bay College, one of the Further Education and Training Colleges in the Western Cape, is working hard to narrow this gap. The National Certificate (Vocational) programme has already produced some outstanding graduates, who were snapped up in the local market - "and the best is yet to come." 15 Apr 2013 Read more >>

False Bay College partners with SOTS (Stavanger Offshore Technical College), NorwayFalse Bay College signed an MOU with SOTS (Stavanger Offshore Technical College). SOTS is a publicly maintained leading educational facility, specialising in upper-secondary and technical college studies in Norway. The main objective of the College is to be at the forefront in providing education in offshore drilling. Its main training departments are: Oil and gas, Nautical/Maritime, Electro/Automation, Engineering and Building and Construction. 5 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Premier Helen Zille encourages Youth at FET Colleges Academic Achievement AwardsCongratulations are due to the eight False Bay College (FBC) students who were recently honoured for their academic achievements. 21 Feb 2013 Read more >>