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We create ONE OF A KIND GEOSPATIAL SOLUTIONS. We use geospatial information science to bring information about WHERE to life across industries and in any application. This helps our clients unlock value through better business intelligence.
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AfriGIS turns 25This May we turn 25 years old, at a time when the industry's fortunes look set to soar. 11 May 2022 Read more

How you can access fast financial services growth tooIt's never been so tough for financial services to get the numbers. 5 Apr 2022 Read more

Locating the future with the power and potential of GisAt AfriGis we realise that it is often difficult to comprehend the extent of what geospatial information systems (Gis) and the industry are capable of. The US-based geospatial industry pioneer, Jack Dangermond, gave a glimpse of the power and potential of Gis when he said that "the application of Gis is only limited by the imagination of those that use it." 19 Nov 2021 Read more

South Africa's new smart cities: a roadmap for transforming all our citiesHow GIS can drive the smart city philosophy forward 10 Sep 2021 Read more

AfriGIS - supporting sustainable development through geospatial solutionsAfriGIS, Africa's leaders in geospatial science and geospatial information solutions, is extremely proud of its ongoing social development initiatives established through a deep-rooted commitment to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans. The South African economy is historically underpinned by the value chain of natural resources and many communities are reliant on the continued sustainable contribution of these resources to their livelihood and well-being. 23 Apr 2021 Read more

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