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iContact BPO is a leading customer service GBS provider serving predominantly international markets, specialising in customer service and CX, outsourced back-office and technical support solutions, sales and accounts receivables.
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Choosing the right BPO partner
Unpacking the important metrics beyond price and language 22 Sep 2022 Read more

Rage against the machine or embrace it
Unpacking the implications and opportunities that digital tech and AI bring to South Africa's BPO industry. 17 Aug 2022 Read more

International provider chooses South Africa for its customer service outsourcing needs
IContact BPO, a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) provider along with BrainCX, a premium customer experience (CX) strategist and digital transformation expert, have landed a large North American Telecommunications company in an outsourcing bid to South Africa - a win for Cape Town's burgeoning BPO industry. 18 Jul 2022 Read more

The Great Resignation sees South African BPO providers stepping in to fill the gap  6 May 2022 Read more

Are you leveraging your customer contact center data as the fundamental CX differentiator that it can be?
Your customer service contact center should be the hub of your customer service strategy and design. It is the melting pot where all that is right and wrong with your customer experience will ultimately manifest - where every enquiry, compliment and complaint will either be efficiently resolved to create a raving ambassador for your brand, or left to fester, creating a raging detractor who finds every opportunity to criticize your company. This is where the voice of your customer is heard, but only if you're listening. 11 Apr 2022 Read more

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