Brand SA hosts Ubuntu Breakfast at AFCON 2019, Egypt

On the sideline of the 2019 African Cup of Nations, taking place in Egypt, Brand South Africa hosted a special Ubuntu Breakfast session for CAF/AFCON executives and former African players at the Marriot Hotel. The aim of the event was to enhance the country nation brand reputation by positioning South Africa as an attractive investment destination.
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Photo credit: backpagepix
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Photo credit: backpagepix

More than 100 people gathered at the Ubuntu Breakfast to discuss the role of sport and how African countries can strengthen their trade opportunities. This comes at the time where the 6th Administration of the Democratic South Africa focuses on renewal of business engagement and investor confidence in South Africa is at centre stage.

Hosted under the theme ‘time to make friends’, the event aimed at strengthening continental diplomacy using sport diplomacy to fight racism and xenophobia, and position South Africa as an attractive investment destination while improving the competitive position of SA using sporting and cultural events outside the country.

Welcoming attendees at the event, SA Ambassador to Egypt, Mr VN Mavimbela, emphasised the important role South Africa and Egypt plays in facilitating Africa-African relations. Ambassador Mavimbela noted that regional and continental integration are important for both Africa’s socio-economic development and political unity and for South Africa’s prosperity and security.

The platform was an opportunity for South Africa to enhance its stakeholder network in Africa, and to profile South Africa as an attractive investment and trade partner of choice.

South Africa's number one sport supporter, Botha Msila said: “The growing people-to-people connections that are taking place between Africans, continues to help build the bridge of human understanding, within African countries.” Botha hitchhiked from South Africa to Cairo, a true South African flagbearer. “I am excited to be part of the Brand SA event, and being identified as one of the #PlayYourPart champions humbles me. I wish Bafana all the best tonight as I will be on the sideline cheering them on," he concluded.

Former Ghana international footballer and current Deputy Secretary of CAF, Anthony Baffoe pledged his support to South Africa and encouraged South Africa to continue to play a role in stabilising Africa and improving the lives of citizens of this beautiful continent. He said, “South Africa has gone from being an international pariah, shunned because of its apartheid policies, to being an influential player in world affairs.”

Over the same period, South Africa’s missions abroad increased from 36 to 125, with the increasing importance of Africa in South Africa’s foreign policy reflected in the growth of South African diplomatic missions in Africa, from 17 in 1994 to the current 47.

As he concluded the Ubuntu Breakfast discussion, Ambassador Mavimbela said: “The country will strengthen its support for regional and continental institutions that work towards achieving regional integration, promote intra-African trade and champion sustainable development on the continent.”

27 Jun 2019 12:23