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As a full-service travel concierge, My Trippa is your go-to guy for Business or Leisure Travel. Whether you're planning a solo escape, a couple's getaway, a group or corporate travel experience, or looking for a ready-made tailored package, we've got you covered.
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Travel without limitsAccessible, affordable travel now at your fingertips. 1 Sep 2021 Read more

Top 10 destinations in Africa to add to your bucket listThe friendly people and the clear coastlines are just some of the many treasures you are guaranteed to experience travelling in Africa. Given the times we're living in, it will also be a great help to support the places within our continent to help boost the tourism industry and the economy as a whole. 7 Jun 2021 Read more

10 reasons to love concierge travelThe internet is a vast source of information that has streamlined the way we work and transformed how we research, plan, book, and make decisions about where to go and what to do. Unfortunately, it has also made validating this information and the trustworthiness of sources quite challenging - wouldn't it be awesome if there was someone knowledgeable to turn to for trip-planning advice? 1 Jun 2021 Read more

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