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LXP or LMS? That is the question
Keeping on-site, hybrid and remote employees engaged, productive and well-trained is crucial to any organisation's success, no matter the size, industry, or location. What's more, ongoing training and development is vital to nurturing positive employee experiences. 30 Jan 2023 Read more

Why quiet quitting is bad for your career
Quiet quitting is a new name given to an old phenomenon where disengaged employees decide to do as little as they can get away with. Human resource experts believe that since Covid-19, many employees (as much as 50%, according to have deliberately or inadvertently become "quiet quitters" as they look for alternative jobs or work-life balance. 26 Jan 2023 Read more

E-learning trends in 2023
People are an organisation's most valuable asset, and business leaders are realising the importance of creating opportunities for their people to learn and grow (personally and professionally). "Developing people has become an important priority for organisations," said Michael Gullan, CEO of G&G Advocacy, an e-learning consultancy. "Learning and development is changing, and we're seeing organisations going beyond onboarding and process training to offering the full sphere of personal development." Gullan unpacks the important e-learning trends to look out for in 2023 for employees and organisations. 24 Jan 2023 Read more

If you build it, they will not come - make a great first impression with an easy-to-navigate website
An online presence is essential for all businesses, no matter the industry. However, being online doesn't mean anything if your customers or potential customers can't find you. 16 Aug 2022 Read more

4 powerful reasons your business needs more video
There's a reason TikTok and Reels are so popular. These short-form videos are engaging and entertaining and when produced effectively with sound strategy in mind, they can leave a lasting impression. Research shows that 84% of consumers make a purchase based on watching a brand or business video. What's more, your customers are consuming a lot of videos--the average consumer watches video content for about 100 minutes every day. 11 Aug 2022 Read more

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