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about us

Who are we?
We are a company that builds and sustains emotional bonds between people and brands through sponsorship, brand experiences and corporate social investment.

We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and a Durban affiliate as well as access to affiliates in 15 African countries. Our staff include some of the most skilled and experienced industry experts coupled with some of the most forward-thinking new-age youngsters in the marketing world.

What we do
We create and amplify emotional experiences to open minds and build brands.

Why we do it
In today's landscape of switched-on and sceptical consumers, brand messages need to be impactful and authentic, relevant and memorable and, more than ever, they need to stimulate dialogue with consumers to draw them into an ongoing and loyal relationship.

We know that emotional bonds govern the behaviour of people towards brands and consumers respond more positively to brands who know how to connect with them in ways that matter via something they're passionate about. At Openfield we make that happen and in so doing we help brands achieve their objectives.

How we do it
We find relevant environments where brands and consumers engage most positively and passionately and build experiences and interactions that will result in the perception and behaviour shifts we desire.