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Uganda: CBS resumes broadcasting

KAMPALA: CBS radio station in Uganda resumed normal broadcasting late last week after being closed for a year.The Ugandan government closed four radio stations amid rioting in Kampala in September 2009.
Reporters without Borders, however, has remained concerned about the climate for the media in Uganda. After the murders of two journalists last month in still unclear circumstances and other cases of physical violence and intimidation, the organisation has urged the authorities to do everything possible to protect the media and respect free speech in the run-up to next February's elections.

CBS and three other stations, Suubi FM, Radio Two Akaboozi Kubiri and Radio Sapienta, were shut down in September 2009 amid rioting that caused dozens of deaths. Accusing them of "inciting revolt," the authorities claimed they had encouraged supporters of the king of the traditional kingdom of Buganda to attack members of the Ankole ethnic group, to which President Yoweri Museveni belongs. The stations denied the charge.

CBS was the last for the four stations to resume broadcasting. The others managed to get the suspension order lifted more quickly.



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