Natalie Jardine

Expert Marketing Specialist, Founding Partner at Loudest Noises
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
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I've been in media marketing for (what feels like) ages. I believe that the best-performing companies - in any industry - spend time and money on expert internal communication.

I also like to drink Sauvignon Blanc, voice my opinion on the local music scene and cause havoc at the poker table.
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Current employment

Founding Partner
Loudest Noises


Marketing Manager
New Media Publishing
1 Feb 2010 - 1 Mar 2015 - Cape Town
Twin Alantic: Rock Wolf in Pop Clothing

I've finally hit that age where all music sounds the same to me. Recently a friend, who is a legend in the music review business, and I discussed the fact that 'they don't make music like they used to anymore.' Well Twin Atlantic changed my view on that at the private listening party for their new album, GLA...

By Natalie Jardine 14 Sep 2016

Not even on social media can, or should, a brand be a friend

After almost a decade of fighting for this, we're finally at a point where CEOs & CFOs have finally cottoned onto the idea that digital is the way of the future...

By Natalie Jardine 7 Jul 2014

FPK goes (Kirsten)Bos(ch)

A Fokofpolisiekar gig at Kirstenbosch Gardens... Not only is it the perfect way to end off the Up The Creek weekend, it's also the perfect way for an 'older' fan like myself, to enjoy my favourite band without having to battle through a crowd of Millennials with questionable hygiene.

By Natalie Jardine 7 Feb 2014

Fokof get tanked

Let's face it, the Predator Exhibit at the Two Oceans Aquarium isn't the most logical habitat for Fokofpolisiekar fans - the long bar queue, limited moshing space and circling sharks aren't necessarily their glass of brandy.

By Natalie Jardine 28 Aug 2013

aKING album launch: Blood but no Glitter

aKING launched their third studio album, The Red Blooded Years, on Tuesday, 23 February, at the Fugard Theatre and we were right in the front row, staring up at the array of lanterns on stage, awaiting the darlings of Bellville.

By Natalie Jardine 24 Feb 2011

Barnyard a la KING!

And away we go to the larney Barnyard Theatre in Willowbridge (though I've yet to find the willow and the bridge) where Bellville's 'sophisticated folk' welcomed aKING. The evening had the feel of a Fokofpolisiekar show at Kirstenbosch... slightly weird.

By Natalie Jardine 2 Sep 2010

From Parow to Paarl - It's Jack Parow!

I'm obsessed with music from Byellville, but the 'burbs ain't exactly my favourite hanging spot, especially on a school night. So it took a whole lot to get me to mission to Willowbridge (Oooo! A step up from Tyger Valley!) and the Barnyard Theatre, of all places. But, as the event was the official launch of Jack Parow's first full-length album, I had to make the exception. Trust me, it was sooo worth it.

By Natalie Jardine 13 May 2010

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