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Colin Ramparsadh, the owner and CEO of Media Mutation. Colin has spent 30 years in the ad industry, working, among others, at Y&R, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi and ZenithOptimedia. Email him at , read his blog at and follow @colinramparsadh on Twitter.
The Bland and the Spicy (part 3)

I had already written this column prior to seeing the Sunday Times this morning but decided to change it as I felt compelled to disagree with it. (video)

By Colin Ramparsadh 15 Apr 2013

The Bland and the Spicy (part 2)

So how's your old geyser... the one in the roof, that is - and do you reckon you can make a difference?

By Colin Ramparsadh 8 Apr 2013

The Bland and the Spicy (part 1)

Bland can mean many things... Tasteless, mild, ordinary, boring and in some cases enough is enough and I can't take this anymore (video).

By Colin Ramparsadh 2 Apr 2013

Consumer value - reality or myth?

We are in a stage where value is the order of the day, whether in an economic downturn or not. Consumers are constantly evaluating their shopping habits. The major retailers and banks need to respond to these ever-changing consumers. So who is adding value?

By Colin Ramparsadh 28 May 2012

Bidvest Bank - Shubh Yatra

Over the last while, I have been subjected to the most irritating ad known to radio, currently being flighted on Lotus FM - the one from Bidvest Bank advertising its foreign currency services to the Indian community in the annoying Peter Sellers-type Indian accent. This is a perfect example of a great initiative talking to a specific audience gone horribly wrong.

By Colin Ramparsadh 28 Mar 2012

An advertiser's nightmare

I read with great interest and amusement the recent article 'Mr Advertiser, can you reach me?' from Yvonne Johnston. Well, Mr Advertiser, I'm no bargain...

By Colin Ramparsadh 19 Aug 2010

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