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Dale Imerman is mad about technology and marketing. He's a travel seeker, photo taker and enjoys the outdoors.
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Dale Imerman
Don't let your brand be caught in the social media rent a crowd syndrome
I agree with your implication that companies are measuring social media success with the wrong metrics (followers, likes, etc). I'm not so sure that the "quality of followers" is necessarily a or the right metric either - how do you really measure that effectively?

I do 100% agree with you that the best visitor is one who is triggered by a social discussion (word of mouth really.)

On the other hand I totally disagree that sourcing "ambassadors" is the most effective way to create quality traffic. Traffic can be built with adverts, billboards, people, references, etc. But it's worth zero unless it's leveraged with genuine value for the people visiting a brands context.

And the key to real value for consumers in my opinion is great content. Not marketing related content and product info. Real brand content that speaks the language of the target market and offers them value in the form of entertainment, education, etc.

In your last paragraph, I think whats important to note is that people can choose to IGNORE one way advertising like magazines, billboards, etc. They can do the same with crappy Facebook pages. And worse of all, if they are really crappy they can go out and do as much damage to the brand as good.

You've got a better chance of achieving the latter if you offer genuine value in your context with the use of original brand content.
Posted on 23 Jun 2011 12:17
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