Angelika Kempe
#InnovationMonth: How to really save money on production costs

Angelika Kempe, executive consultant at AdOps Value, shares what to look out for when assessing production cost estimates, as well as the impact of the ANA's recent report that advertising agencies and their holding companies are less-than transparent regarding production costs and the risk associated with it.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, Kenya.
Partnerships provide a lifeline for cash-strapped countries

South Africa and Nigeria may be Africa's biggest economies, according to the International Monetary Fund, but thanks to public private partnerships (PPPs), Morocco, Rwanda, Côte d'Ivoire and a few other smaller countries can boast worldclass infrastructure.

By Kingsley Ighobor 20 Sep 2017

Purpose must come before profit... and before anything else too
Purpose must come before profit... and before anything else too

Building a business or working in a job is meaningless unless it is done with purpose, knowing that making money is not the purpose, it is a result. Money is the fuel for the engine, not the reason for the journey. But what does it mean to operate with purpose, and how does a business identify whether it really knows what its purpose is?

By Mike Freedman 19 Sep 2017

Partnerships giving Africa a new look
Partnerships giving Africa a new look

The private sector in Africa is playing a crucial role in the continent's economic development - more than it did a decade ago.

19 Sep 2017

Bruno Witvoet, Unilever Africa president and Mechell Chetty, Unilever vice president for HR, Africa, at the opening of Unilever’s new Africa hub.
Unilever's brand plan to grow business across Africa

Multinational Unilever has launched an Africa hub in Johannesburg, South Africa, as part of its ongoing drive to grow its business of iconic brands across the African continent.

19 Sep 2017