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MTN Uganda launches LTE network in the region

MTN on Thursday, 25 April 2013, became the first mobile operator in Uganda and one of the very first in the region, to successfully launch Long Term Evolution (LTE) network.
LTE is the latest technology in the world with the fastest internet speeds of up to 100Mbps, giving customers the most seamless experience in data services.

Popularly known as 4G, LTE is a 'standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for data terminals and mobile phones.' LTE Data Networks provide mobile ultra-broadband internet access.

"We are happy to claim another first in Uganda with this momentous announcement as MTN Uganda successfully launches its LTE network, offering world-class internet services to our customers. What is even more pleasing is that we've done this ahead of many other advanced economies around the world," says Ernst Fonternel, MTN Uganda's chief marketing officer.

The launch of LTE represents a major stride in mobile connectivity capabilities in Uganda. The service offers almost triple the speed of any existing mobile connection available commercially in Uganda and in the region.

MTN's commitment

"This launch further emphasises MTN's commitment in not just transforming its own network, but also the businesses of its Corporate and SME customers while contributing positively to the overall development of the ICT sector in Uganda," Fonternel adds.

For the customer this means you can download large files in no time, stream music videos and HD movies without buffering and upload pictures without delay. These services will significantly transform the way you interact with the world.

"The higher LTE speeds will give our customers lower latency, which translates into a much more stable user experience. The technology's impressive speeds create endless possibilities for the user including instantaneous music and picture downloads," says Fonternel.

"Our challenge isn't keeping ahead of the other operators. It's keeping ahead of the tidal wave of data demand both in our country and in the region. Last year we launched our 21.6Mbps Data Network and last month we rolled out our 42Mbps Data Network and now LTE. In all these innovations, we have been the first, and our intention is to continue pushing boundaries so that our customers enjoy World-class internet."

MTN's LTE service will initially be available in greater Kampala, with other towns to follow in the near future. There are currently 20 locations that have been fully integrated onto the LTE network. Furthermore, LTE-capable dongles will be on sale at selected MTN outlets.

Fonternel says that the commercial launch of LTE is part of a bigger network transformation plan that MTN has been undertaking over the past few years in order to give its customers World-class services.

Over the last two years, MTN has made major investments to its data infrastructure in Uganda, expanded the mobile distribution foot print, and greatly enhanced the mobile core, radio capacity and Network infrastructure.