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Uganda Telecom, 3G network takes off

Uganda Telecom launched its multi-million euro wireless network based on 3G technology. The network was launched at the company's headquarters in Kampala in March, raising the bar in the delivery of telecommunication voice and data services.
At the launch, the company's MD, Engineer Abdulbaset Elazzabi, made the first commercial video call to the minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Ham Mulira, who was in his office at Security House.

This is the first 3G network in Uganda and one of the first in East Africa. Through the network, Uganda Telecom pledged to enhance its service offerings with higher-quality, mobile voice and high-speed broadband data services such as video streaming, video calling, Multi Media Messaging and many other new applications.

The company's customers can now use their phones for more than just making and receiving calls. The mobile phone will now become a more functional resource. Uganda telecom customers will be able to send and receive corporate emails, watch TV on the go, make video calls and a host of other applications

“Our 3G network will enhance our network coverage in terms of capacity and quality of service because of the useful new services we will be able to offer people throughout the country,” said Elazzabi. “Uganda joins other African countries in the region able to provide high-speed connections to its customers and visitors on the move.”

This innovation will enable Uganda telecom to offer world-class services to their customers.
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Posted on 24 Oct 2008 14:27