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Kampala's outdoor advertising rates set to soar

The Kampala City Council (KCC) which is in charge of licensing and regulating activities of outdoor advertisers is finalising a plan to increase fees levied on agencies for erecting billboards across the city by 70%, according to James Kiwanuka, chairman of Uganda Outdoor Contractors Association.
According to him, the original proposition of 300% percentage was too exorbitant and was revised to 70% following an objection from advertising agencies. Kampala is a home to at least ten local, regional and international agencies including; Atom, Alliance Media, Clear Channel, Capital Outdoor, Brand Active and Infinity Media.

A source at KCC said that the council planned to increase the charges on small city billboards from UGX147,000 to UGX300,000 and on medium and large billboards from UGX1 million to UGX2 million an increase of an average of 100% on all.

“Yes I am aware of the changes that will take place. I am yet to hear of any country where business people welcome changes where there is a tax increase. We wouldn't welcome such a move but we will have to pay the fees,” Kiwanuka added when asked to comment about the new charges.

David Livingstone the head of marketing at Atom indicated that their clients would have to bear the brunt of any change in fees levied on them by the council. He said a change in advertising rates charged for making use of their billboards will be revised if KCC implements its intentions.

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